The Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council And FUBU Mobile Recognize Black History Month

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The Campaign, Which Will Also Work With The United Nations, Was Created To Inform Students, Women and “Money Making Millennials” About The Importance Of Using Their VOICE For Social Change And VOTE For Political Empowerment


The Campaign’s Goal Is To Inspire Young Citizens, Especially Women & Girls,

To Speak-Out On Issues Around Women’s Rights, Respect & Economic Equality


February 13, 2018, New York, NY —- In recognition of Black History Month and Women’s History Month in March, FUBU Mobile and the Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council launched the “Your Voice & Vote” Campaign to help Students, Youth, and Millennials better understand how to use the Power of their VOICE and the influence of their VOTE for Social Change and Political Empowerment.  Wisdom is important, but “Actions Speak Louder Than Words.” 

There’s a “Cultural Shift” in America as Women continue to “RISE AND GRIND” for Social Equality & Economic Empowerment.  They are stepping up to the plate and running for political office so their VOICE can be heard through their actions at the Polls.  “It’s Dope 2 Vote & Fun 2 Run” because “You Have To Be In It To Win It.”  They are also using Social Media as a platform to Speak-Out against Sexual Abuse and on Women’s Rights.  So we dedicate the next 3 months to “Women And Girls Who Want To Change The World.”

The "Fitness Sheriff" and Albert Benjamin

The “Fitness Sheriff” and Albert Benjamin

Millennials, especially Women and Girls, need to know it’s their “TIME 2 SHINE” because for real change to happen the formula is simple: Voter Education, Registration & Participation.   Through a host of activities, events, contests, conferences, summits, and PSAs we will work to build partnerships that inspire students, women, girls and Millennials to take control of their destiny so we can finally find real solutions to address some of our most urgent problems.

There is a nasty political fight going on in Washington, which leaves little time for our elected officials to take care of our urgent needs, like Gun Violence, the Opioid Epidemic, Immigration reform, Affordable Housing and jobs in poor and disadvantaged communities.  “We The People” can no longer sit around and wait to see who will service our needs in Washington.  We have to take control of our future and use the power of our VOICE & VOTE to make a difference.

“I’m excited about being the Spokesman for the “Your Voice & Vote” Campaign (YVV).  I want to thank Albert Benjamin at FUBU Mobile and the Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council for the task of reaching my Money Making Millennials, Women and Students looking to address Political Empowerment, Women’s Rights and Equal Pay.  Respect for women at work and girls in school is also on the agenda.  This is an uphill battle, but I’m ready for the challenge.  I must thank my mentor, “The Shark” Daymond John, for showing me by example the importance of giving back to the community,” stated The “Fitness Sheriff”, Spokesman, YVV.


The "Fitness Sheriff", Charles Fisher and Albert Benjamin

The “Fitness Sheriff”, Charles Fisher and Albert Benjamin

FUBU Mobile is committed to address the social, political and economic needs of the community.  For us, selling phones, services and accessories is our business, but so are the issues and needs of our customers.  I hope this campaign can start a real conversation about issues pertaining to Women’s Rights and the need for young citizens to use their voice and vote to make real changes because our nation is divided and it’s time for millennials and women to get more involved,” stated Albert Benjamin, Executive Chairman, FUBU Mobile.

“At the Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council fighting for women’s rights and organizing the millennial voting block is the best way to shake things up within our government and community.  We will bring this campaign to the United Nations where women’s and girl’s issues get a lot of attention through the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a focus on #5; Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls, stated Randy Fisher, Executive Director, Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council.

“As we approach a very important election season you can believe that the Voice & Vote of Millennials and Women will decide who takes control of our government in Washington and Albany.  There is a lot at stake this year.  As we push our agenda for Women’s Rights and Respect at work, as well as the Empowerment of our Millennials, you can be sure that Hip-Hop will be at the front of the line as we strive for social justice and economic equality,” ended Charles Fisher, Founder, Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council.

 Fitness Sheriff FUBU Mobile Flyer sm

To join the campaign and/or contact The “Fitness Sheriff” Direct you can hit him up at: –

Twitter: @fitnessSheriff / Facebook: TheFitnessSheriff / IG: TheFitnessSheriff

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