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Adding Cash - (Does not apply to Companion Cards)

After you activate your HEEP HHSYC CardFlex Prepaid MasterCard® Card, the next step is to prepay the card by adding money. To add all or part of your paycheck using direct deposit Click Here

You can add Cash to your HEEP HHSYC CardFlex Prepaid MasterCard® using a MoneyPak® at a retailer near you.

Find a Retailer Now

Find the prepaid card rack in the store. Look for the GreenDot MoneyPak Card, it will not have a Visa® or MasterCard® brand mark on it. Hand the MoneyPak card and your cash to the cashier and tell them the exact amount you wish to load. Do not hand them your HEEP HHSYC CardFlex Prepaid MasterCard.

After completing your MoneyPak purchase, call the phone number on the back of the MoneyPak. (800) 473-3636. Select option #1 to Process Your MoneyPak and option #1 again to Reload Your Prepaid Card.

Please have your MoneyPak number (listed on the bottom of the back of your MoneyPak) and your HEEP HHSYC CardFlex MasterCard number available. You will enter your HEEP HHSYC CardFlex MasterCard number then the MoneyPak number and you're done. The cash will be immediately applied to your card and you can immediately use your card to make purchases.

Print these simple instructions and bring them with you to a MoneyPak retailer.

Custom Prepaid Card Designs created by Optimum Payment Solutions, Inc: 1-800-395-6889
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