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Q: How safe is it to use a HEEP HHSYC CardFlex Prepaid MasterCard®?

A: The HEEP HHSYC CardFlex Prepaid MasterCard is the safest way to shop online and at retail establishments!

Cardholder accounts are only accessible by the specific username and password that only the cardholder controls.

The HEEP HHSYC CardFlex Prepaid MasterCard maintains its account files in a highly protected environment. Your Prepaid MasterCard balance is always available when you want to shop! You can check your account anytime online. The HEEP HHSYC CardFlex Prepaid MasterCard offers cardholders the safest way to pay!

You, as the cardholder, can aid us in the protection of your account. Never tell anyone your Password or PIN number. If you set up an account for someone else, never send the password through email. Check your HEEP HHSYC CardFlex Prepaid MasterCard account page often. And please contact us immediately if you feel your account has been compromised in any way.

Q: What can I buy with a Prepaid MasterCard card?

A: You can buy almost anything with a HEEP HHSYC CardFlex Prepaid MasterCard.
The only restrictions on shopping with a HEEP HHSYC CardFlex Prepaid MasterCard card are those that would apply even if you were standing in a store with cold, hard cash in hand! Minors are restricted from purchasing any age-restricted goods or services like tobacco or firearms, and from accessing and/or joining adult-themed entertainment websites. Every cardholder is prohibited from making any transaction that would be deemed illegal in any manner. Depending on the type of card you purchase, you may shop wherever MasterCard Debit Cards are accepted.

Q: Can I get a HEEP HHSYC CardFlex Prepaid MasterCard?

A: Anyone can purchase a Prepaid MasterCard. The HEEP HHSYC CardFlex Prepaid MasterCard opens the Internet Revolution to absolutely everyone! You do not have to be credit worthy to shop with the HEEP HHSYC CardFlex Prepaid MasterCard card! Just click on the "Get a Card" button at the top of the screen!

Q: Do I need to have a bank Account?

A: No you do not. Your card has your money loaded onto it.

Q: Will I get charged for Direct Deposit?

A:No, you will not! Direct Deposit is FREE.

Q: How do I get my money from my card?

A: You can withdraw cash from your card at any ATM showing the MasterCard®, Maestro®, Cirrus® or STAR® Acceptance Marks. Additionally, we have a bill pay option for you if you want to automatically have your bill payments deducted from your card.

Q: Can I get cash back by using with a HEEP HHSYC CardFlex Prepaid Card?

A: You can get cash back by using your HEEP HHSYC CardFlex Prepaid MasterCard at any point of sale or any ATM that displays MasterCard, Maestro, Cirrus or STAR!

Q: How do I check my balance?

A: Checking your balance is easy, you can go online for free to to check your balance or you can call 1-866-345-4011 or go to an ATM to check your balance for a small charge.

Q: What time can I withdraw my pay if I am setup with Direct Deposit?

A: You will have access to funds from your paycheck at the opening of business on payday or at 10:00am PST, (please note that this can also be contingent upon your employer’s bank).

Q: How does the Companion Card work?

A: The Companion Card is an easy, cost effective way to share money with friends and family throughout the world. Share funds by contacting our toll-free Customer Service number or by logging into your site here and order today!

Q: What can I do when I call Customer Service?

A: Our free, live Customer Service gives you access to all of the following and more!

•Card Balance
•Transfer money from your card to a checking account
•Transaction History
•Share funds with friends and family using Companion Cards
•Change your PIN

Q: What should I do if I lose my card or it is stolen?

A: Contact our toll-free Customer Service line immediately and we will deactivate your card. Contact your employer or our toll-free Customer Service number and request a new card. Once you have been issued a new card call our toll-free Customer Service number to move funds from your old card to your new one. We will ensure that we update the system automatically for all your future payroll deposits.


Custom Prepaid Card Designs created by Optimum Payment Solutions, Inc: 1-800-395-6889
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