final-logo-for-hhr-smDuring the campaign season President elect Donald Trump said he would “Make America Great Again,” and I believe him 100%.  I know Donald Trump is the best thing that has happened to this country since Abe Lincoln and Dr. King and I wasn’t surprised when he won.  I told my family and friends that everyone is sleeping on Trump and the country should get prepared for his victory.  During the campaign I reached out to him several times for an interview but his schedule was too hectic.  I felt Mr. Trump deserved an opportunity to tell America’s youth and young adults what he would do if elected President.  I will continue to pursue an interview with the President elect because it’s important for young citizens to hear his plan.

During the race Trump told “Black America” they were wasting their time supporting the Democratic Party and if elected he would give them what they needed more than anything in the world—jobs and economic empowerment.  You can’t argue with that because Poverty & Illiteracy are the “root causes” of a host of social ills that plague this country including: Gun & Gang Violence; Black on Black Crime; Unemployment; Substance Abuse; Academic Failure; HIV/AIDS; Poor Police/Community Relations; and Prison & Judicial Reform.  Blacks, Latinos and other minorities, including poor Whites, have been used and abused since the days of slavery and only a man like Donald Trump can wake everyone up and provide the inspiration young citizens need to complete the “Dream of Dr. King.”

A lot of us thought having a “Black President” was the answer but that wasn’t the case.  After the “Election Shock” wore off the Republicans hatched a plan to ruin President Obama.  Nobody, especially those living in Southern states, ever thought a Black Man would be elected President so soon.  We were all inspired by the miracle and many felt that maybe the days of racism were over, without the country ever having a real conversation on race or apologizing to Blacks for slavery.  We alI knew President Obama would have many challenges because once he was elected everyone was watching to see if he would show favoritism towards Blacks and other minorities.  His victory was like a “Gift and a Curse” because as much as the President may have wanted to help, he could not risk being accused of catering to Blacks.  Blacks probably would have received more from a White President because the anger towards President Obama was so intense Congress did very little to support his agenda.

President Elect D. Trump and President Obama

President Elect D. Trump and President Obama

Let me tell you what I love about Trump, he keeps it real, an attribute lacking from elected officials today.  For this country to win we need a guy that will tell it like it is.  For decades Blacks have been lulled into a false sense of security and as a result they are at the bottom of the social and economic ladder.  With Trump Blacks and Latinos will finally wake up and see the real America, a country divided by racism, ignorance and poverty.  In all reality not too much has changed since the Civil War and America still has not officially apologized for slavery.  The nation has apologized to everyone else, even the Native Americans.  Until that happens America can never achieve the level of success the Founding Fathers envisioned.  Yes we are great, but we can be even greater when we finally have a long overdue conversation about race because that is the only way we can heal a divided nation.  Why are we so afraid to have this conversation?  I don’t have the time to give you the details right now, but the “Southern White Clergy” who supported and justified Slavery through the Holy Bible will be a major part of the conversation.


President Elect Trump has the support of the Klu Klux Klan, Neo Nazis, White Supremacists and a host of other groups who want to make America great again for Whites Only.  I understand the way they feel because like Blacks they were lied to and disrespected by the government as well.  Poor and middle class citizens of all races have been played for a fool by our elected officials, but I know that hard working unified minorities can win with Trump too.   There are a lot of problems in the Black Community and no one is going to respect Blacks until they learn to respect themselves.  Black on Black crime seems to be the norm in cities across America with no solution in sight.  It’s a shame that Blacks believe someone is going to hand them freedom on a silver platter, but Dr. King knew better.  Stop kidding yourself Black people because that will not happen.  Do you know if an alien (like in the movie Arrival) visited earth tomorrow race would not make a difference.  We would all unite to protect our world.  Is Trump playing the alien role right now because his style of politics is out of this world to many U.S. citizens?

Blacks and Latinos have so much power they could “Shut Down America” if they “United instead of being Divided.”  If minority Political leaders, Clergy, Businesses and Celebrities could unify like the Jewish community they would have the resources, respect and power to truly address all the social issues that affect their communities.   The closest Blacks have come to gaining some respect is during the Civil Rights Movement lead by Dr. King.  Between Dr. King in the South and Malcolm X in the North, Blacks were in a unique position to gain some real power, but both were killed during their prime and since there assassination no one has been able to fill the void.


The game of “Divide & Conquer” helps the rich get richer but once the people unite poor and middle class citizens can finally achieve the American dream.  This would normally be a hard task to accomplish, but thanks to technology, smartphones and social media this is well within reach, especially for our tech driven younger generation.  Why do you think Trump is always on Twitter, he understands the power of social media and used it to get elected President spending about half as much as Hillary Clinton.  Donald Trump has dissed Blacks, Gays, Latinos, Muslims, Veterans, Women, Jews, Republicans and the Disabled and young citizens want to know why.  We owe our Millennials an answer because they are on pace to be the first generation to die earlier and attain less wealth than the previous generation thanks to the leadership and failure of the “Baby boomers.”

The reason why our nation is still divided is because the Reconstruction Period after the Civil War failed. The Republicans or the “Party of Lincoln” agreed in 1877 to remove all Federal troops from the final two states under “The Compromise of 1877.”  They also agreed to once again allow the former Confederate States to oversee the rights of their former slaves without “Federal Government Oversight.”  Now let’s keep it real, that’s like asking the Fox to guard the Chicken Coop.  So when you look at history the Republican Party betrayed the same people they fought so hard to free during the Civil War.  In return for the power to control Black Lives once again, the Democrats agreed to end their fight over the disputed Presidential campaign of 1786 and thus Rutherford B. Hayes was officially declared President by a 15 Member Special Election Committee.


After the deal was made, Republicans took power, the troops left the South, Reconstruction was dead, and so was the hope for Blacks to live a free profitable respectful life.  This is the main reason why Blacks are in such a mess today.  They were abandoned by the Republican North and left for dead.  Both parties sold them out and are too ashamed to tell the truth.  They keep ducking the issue by placing the blame on the symptoms, which evolved from the failure of Reconstruction like Black on Black Crime, Unemployment, Academic Failure, Substance Abuse, Gun & Gang Violence.  To really solve the problem you must address the root cause; the failure of Reconstruction.

The 2016 election has revived talks about the Popular & Electoral College process.  Clinton won the popular vote by over 2.8 million, but lost the Electoral College to Trump.  The election of 1876 between Sam Tildon and Rutherford B. Hayes was decided by the Electoral CollegeAmerica is still divided because no one wants to talk about the “South Sell Out” of 1877 by both Parties.  With Trump there is a real chance of having a conversation on race and if he pulls this off he would go down as one of the greatest Presidents in history.  To do this he can’t act like a Politician because as you well know, when it comes to Blacks & Slavery elected officials can’t get anything done.

Politicians today continue to use a Draconian Electoral College system to elect the most powerful person in the free world.  The Electoral College is a joke because it negates the “One Man One Vote” ideology, which is the core of any true democracy.  Just think about this, we live in a county where the Minority can win over the Majority for the highest office in the world.  Other democracies use the “One Man One Vote” concept and see no reason to implement the complicated and unfair Electoral College.  I wonder why?  For the second time in the last 16 years the candidate with the most votes lost.  Trump told the people during the campaign trail the American Political System was rigged.  He is the first candidate to tell it like it is.  Even after Trump won the election he still went on the CBS TV Show, 60 Minutes and stated that the U.S. system is not fair and the candidate who gets the “Popular Vote” should be the winner.  There are many in government who now agree so I guess Trump was right.


Former Pres. Johnson

Former Pres. Johnson

During the late 60’s after the riots in cities across America former President Johnson had an opportunity to correct the failure of Reconstruction.  He created a special commission titled “The Kerner Commission,” which consisted of 11 members led by Governor Otto Kerner of Illinois.  They were charged with coming up with a viable plan to address the murdering, crime, poverty and racial tension that was tearing the nation apart.  The final document was called the Report of the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders or the “Kerner Report.”  I read the detailed plan and believe it could have cleaned up America, but President Johnson ignored the comprehensive document.  I wonder what happened because at least with Reconstruction we knew why Blacks were getting the shaft.  This time around the President kept it a secret.  So once again thanks to Politicians Blacks are denied justice.

Say what you want, Trump is a “Marketing Genius” who pissed a lot of people off during the campaign.  He is a TV Star and a businessman who understands the “Art of Compromise” better than your average politician and politics is big business.  Look at all the business executives he is placing in his cabinet.  The Democratic Party needs to re-think the game, and so should minorities as Trump stated.  The Trump victory is the best wake up call Blacks, Latinos and poor Whites could ever have.  Yes, there will be difficult times, but freedom is not FREE.  Some of us may have thought we were free because of all the Black and Latino Professional Athletes, TV, Film and Music Stars making money.  But with a Trump victory some of you may see freedom slipping away, while others will see this long awaited wake-up call as an opportunity to unite for the fight to get right.


Yes, there are people in this world who truly believe they are better than the rest.  The Constitution states that “All Men Are Created Equal” so the 13th Amendment freed the Slaves, the 14th Amendment gave them full citizenship, and the 15th Amendment granted Black men the right to vote.  From the 3/5 Compromise, the Emancipation Proclamation, Reconstruction, Jim Crow Laws, and the Civil Rights Acts of the 1960s, Blacks have suffered from the perception of inferiority and deprived of opportunities, which prevented their progress in America.

The 13th Amendment “Condemns a Person to Slavery” if convicted of a crime.  During the post slavery era most Blacks could not read nor afford an attorney.  In addition, there were no Court Appointed Attorneys for the poor like today.  Sounds like a set up to me.  When Blacks and poor Whites were accused of any crime, off to prison they went to work as they did as slaves.  Those arrested had no real chance of winning because they could not read or pay for an attorney.  You were better off pleading guilty to a few years of hard labor than blowing trial and being sentenced to football years.  Whites abusing the system knew just who to target and judges were in on the fix.  We are talking about the “Deep South” where the Klu Klux Klan influenced the law and was said to be the “Hit Squad” for the Democratic South.  They could cross the line and not worry about any consequences from local law agencies.

Daryl Davis (L) being presented with a “Certificate of Friendship” by KKK Imperial Wizard Frank Ancona (R) in May 2015

Daryl Davis (L) being presented with a “Certificate of Friendship” by KKK Imperial Wizard Frank Ancona (R) in May 2015

So you see this was a no win situation for poor Blacks and some Whites because Slavery was now a part of the 13th Amendment.  Looking back I don’t even know why they put that derogatory word (SLAVERY) in the 13th Amendment unless the writers wanted to appease those who supported the policy.  Let me make a suggestion, we need to remove the word SLAVERY from the Constitution.  Why is the term still associated with our Constitution in the 21st Century?  The word should only be used in our history books or a dictionary.  Did the 13th Amendment become a new legal tool used in the South to keep slavery alive during the Post-Civil War era?  Did lobbyists and lawmakers find a slick way to reintroduce slavery through the 13th Amendment?  You can see why some say our Justice System is rigged and needs Reform.  Maybe that’s why our prisons are full with over 2 million “Legal Slaves” today making us the #1 jailer in the industrialized world.  When we finally have a conversation on race that question will also be at the top of the list.


Let me drop a very important jewel that President Elect Trump already mentioned that provides young citizens with a proven formula for change.  I need all of my Generation X and Millennials to understand just what he said so you can use this valuable wisdom for social and economic justice.  Recently Vice-President elect Spence attended the Broadway Play Hamilton and one of the actors spoke to him from the stage while he sat in his seat about the importance of being fair and just to all citizens.  Spence understood citizens have a right to free speech and did not take offense to the comments.  On the other hand, Trump heard about the incident and was outraged.  He felt that members of the Hamilton cast were dissing the V.P. and demanded an apology more than once on Twitter.  To take matters further he Tweeted to his followers they should “BOYCOTT” the hit play if his demands were not met.  Now that sounds like a move out of the playbook of Dr. King and is how young citizen will get justice in America.

Americans do not have to beg for justice they can control it through their wallets.  So instead of hating on Trump get organized because Boycotting works.  At the end of the day you can yell, march, vote, curse, cry, drink and riot, but nothing is more powerful than the “Almighty Dollar.”  Boycotting creates a platform to demand justice because knowing who to spend your money with is the key to a Greater America.  The Hip-Hop ‘Hood Report is committed to keeping you updated on all opportunities the President Elect presents so you can win no matter what your race.  Just wake up out of the trance, de-program yourself and get ready to rumble because “What’s In Your Wallet” is the key to economic justice, financial independence and social equality.

Dr. King

Dr. King

I have been waiting for a man like Trump since we started the “Raptivism Movement” 15 years ago and he is exactly what the Doctor ordered to make this country greater.  We have been patient with our elected officials, but now it’s time for a businessman who is not afraid to think outside the box to try and make America Greater.  We have all been asleep at the wheel since the death of Dr. King who stated, “The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict.”

Pres. Elect D. Trump and Kanye West

Pres. Elect D. Trump and Kanye West

This “Call To Action” by the “Raptivism Movement” is asking that you join us to “Stand Up & Stomp Out” Gun and Gang Violence, the Heroin Crisis, Poor Police/Community Relations, and Black on Black Crime.  All this is possible thanks in part to “The Donald,” who is the “Trump Card” we have waited for to STIR THINGS UP so we can complete the “Dream of Dr. King.” Young people this is your time to shine so let’s get ready to change the world using Unity, “Social Media,” Boycotting and a businessman turned politician, President Elect Donald Trump.


Written by Charles Fisher

Edited by Randy Fisher


For additional info on the report hit us up at: RandyKFisher@gmail.com.

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