Crime Down For The First Quarter And On Pace To Beat 2016 Record

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Crime in NYC continues to decrease the first few months of 2017, which happens to be the safest quarter in the modern CompStat era which started in the 1990s, according to NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill.

In March there were 7,253 overall index crimes reported, a reduction of almost 9% from March 2016.  Murders dropped by 35% (from 28 in March 2016 to 18 last month), while there were 48 shootings recorded last month compared to 67 in March 2016 — a decrease of 28%, said official.

Rapes increased by 3% (from 101 in March 2016 to 104 last month), and assaults decreased by 5% (from 1,611 in March 2016 to 1,528 last month).  Robberies dropped by nearly 18% (from 1,168 in March 2016 to 949 last month), and burglaries dropped by 12.5% (from 1,036 in March 2016 to 907 last month).  There was also a 7% drop in grand larcenies (from 3,588 in March 2016 to 3,329 last month).

All five boroughs saw a decrease in crime last month, Shea noted.

“The City is on pace for a record year in lows for shootings and homicides,” Mayor de Blasio said in a statement.

“These trends are due in large part to the NYPD’s effective precision and neighborhood policing models that aim to root out violent crime in the small pockets where it still exists and work with the public stop crime before it starts and solve it when it occurs.  The continued reduction of violent crime across the five boroughs is nothing short of remarkable, with this past quarter being the safest in the Comp-Stat era.”

We are predicting another record setting year because the bridges of Police/Community relations are getting stronger every day and that spells trouble for those that want to break the law.  When the community and Police work as a team they create a WIN/WIN situation because there is nothing more important to both parties than returning home safe to their family after a hard days work.  Public Safety is a business and we don’t have to love each other to do our “Fair Share”.  When you go to work, you don’t have to love your boss or co-workers to do your job.  That is personal.  It would be nice if there was a lot of love between us all, but more important than love, we need to TRUST and RESPECT each other to beat the criminal element that compromises our community, safety and all of our lives.

By Charles Fisher and Randy Fisher.

For info on how you can help us improve Police/Community Relations: or Facebook/Twitter/Instagram @HHSYC.

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