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Hip-Hop Against Gun & Gang Violence Project And Power 105.1 Are Looking For “Power Partners 4 Peace” To Work With NYPD And Community Groups To Improve Public Safety

“105 Days of Summer” Initiative Is About To Go Down So Join

The Movement And Be A Part Of The Solution As We Work To Break Another Record This Year

“Neighborhood Policing is, without a doubt, the most radical, top-to-bottom, operational change the NYPD has embarked on in nearly 25 years.  What we have learned is that if we want everyone who lives and works in our communities to trust and respect their police officers, each of us in leadership roles also must trust and respect our police officers.  We had to allow our men and women in uniform to be decision-makers and problem-solvers.  We needed them to take ownership of, and great pride in, all the people and all the areas of New York City they protect.  And, collectively, we always need to treat everyone we serve equally and fairly.  In short, our style of New York policing is a game-changer for our profession and a model for the rest of America”, stated Commissioner James O’Neill.

Officers join the ranks

Officers join the ranks

Continued Commissioner O’Neill “As a result, the crime reductions New York City has achieved in the past few years are categorically historic.  Simply put: The city has not been this safe in 3 generations.  Some observers believed we would never be this safe.  Some assumed that more than 2,200 murders in 1990 was just the price of doing business in New York City — that nothing could be done about it.  But the people who wore police uniforms in New York City knew otherwise.  And they knew that reversing the decades-long trend of rising crime and violence would take time, and they knew that it could not be a solo effort. They understood that reclaiming our neighborhoods required the coordinated efforts of the entire police department and, ultimately, the full partnership of the millions of people who live and work here,” ended O’Neill.

NYPD Commissioner O'Neill and NYC Mayor Bill deBlasio

NYPD Commissioner O’Neill and NYC Mayor Bill deBlasio

The Mayor’s Office of Gun Violence Prevention takes a Public Health Approach to reducing crime and violence.  The Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council has worked with that office since its inception and has always pushed the importance of “Strong Community Policing”.  As the Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council celebrates their 18th anniversary in July, the company is in a transitional state when it comes to Public Safety.  Technology will be playing a bigger role through the use of their “Call 2 Action” App and Social Media.  If you want to reach young citizens those are the tools that are a part of their daily lives.  Crimes are solved with the support of the community.  The challenge is educating young citizens, especially Black and Latinos, about the need for the alliance.  Stop, Question & Frisk, and a host of other law enforcement policies, have erected a wall of mistrust, and until we can tear that wall down, progress will be slow.

Of course “Rome Was Not Built In A Day” and it will take a lot of patience on both sides but Commissioner O’Neill is on the right track and has the support of the Hip-Hop Community.  As the organization celebrates their 8th annual Hip-Hop Against Gun & Gang Violence Campaign with Power 105.1, “The Shark” Daymond John, RCA Records, NYCHA, NYPD’s PSA Unit, C-COP, NAACP/ NYCHA Branch and a host of others we will coordinate 105 events through the 105 Days of Summer initiative and the 7 E’s 4 Power Tour.  Through this project the message of Community Unity and working with NYPD is highlighted at each event.

NYPD Police Academy Building

NYPD Police Academy Building

The organization launched in July 1, 2001 to ensure that the Hip-Hop Community kept the commitments it made to the youth and young adults in attendance during the historic Hip-Hop at the Hilton Summit on June 12-13, 2001, hosted by Russell Simmons and Dr. Ben Chavis.  The successful event, which was attended by students, young adults, celebrities, artists, political, business, clergy, and community leaders, was to be used as a platform for the Hip-Hop Community to “Take Back Responsibility” and use its global influence to empower young citizens and their communities.

The influence of the Civil Rights Movement of the 50’s and 60’s played a role in the creation of Hip-Hop in the early 70’s.  With 20 years being considered a generation, we developed a 5, 10, 15 and 20 year plan to achieve the monumental task of reshaping the negative image of Hip-Hop and bringing back the social, political and economic development movement known as Raptivism, which played a key role towards the birth of the Culture.  There are so many challenges young citizens face daily, so over the first 15 years we focused on the most urgent outlined in the timeline below.

NYPD School Safety Agent

Neighborhood Policing continues to be a paradigm shift for the NYPD in its goal of combining greater police community relations while continuing to drive down crime spikes, in real time, wherever and whenever they may arise.  Part of the success of our hyperlocal focus is due to our Build-the-Block meetings held in every sector of every neighborhood.  Led by designated Neighborhood Coordination Officers (NCO), not by commanding officers or other superior officers, the purpose is to meet with constituents to identify public safety challenges that are unique to specific neighborhoods and to discuss potential solutions.  The meetings are strategy sessions between local police officers and the people they serve, where relationships are fostered, problems and crime are discussed, and a process for feedback is developed.  To date, NCOs have held more than 1,500 Build-the-Block meetings to address problems, help fight crime, and build stronger relationships between officers and community members.  New Yorkers can find the next Build-the-Block meeting in their neighborhood at BuildTheBlock.NYC.  Be a part of the solution so you have a right to complain about the problems.

Charles Fisher, Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council

Charles Fisher, Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council

To Become a Power Partner 4 Peace or Support the 105 Days of Summer Campaign as we strive to break another record when it comes to reducing Murders, Shootings and Rape in our great city, hit us up at RandyKFisher@gmail.com.

Written by Charles Fisher and Randy Fisher.

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