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The PSA will Educate Students And Young Adults About The Dangers of The Coronavirus and Urge Them To “Join The Team To Beat Covid-19”

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New York, NY; May 15, 2020—As we continue to watch the death count rise from the novel Coronavirus it is important that we stay focused on how to flatten the curve and end the virus.  To address the death of close to 90,000 U.S. citizens and over 1.4 million more infected with the virus the HHSYC has launched their second “Call To Action” Celebrity PSA with “American Idol” star Wade Cota.  Wade was asked if he would use his celebrity influence to record a PSA for students and young adults about the dangers of COVID-19 and to our surprise and gratitude he produced not 1, but 7 PSAs for the project. 

If you are not aware of the trials and tribulations of Wade Cota, this rising star has been a fighter all his life.  With domestic violence reports up by 20% nationwide due to COVID-19, Wade felt it was important to share his story of abuse with the most vulnerable population, which are women and children.  He wanted to bring some relief to their suffering by letting them know they can also survive the chaos in their life.  He also wanted to bring more awareness to the world about the rise of Domestic Violence, which has increased because of “Shelter in Place” policies created to crush the virus.  Victims of domestic violence should not be afraid to seek out assistance from family, friends and government agencies, stay focused on their goals, keep in touch with their “Higher Power” and never give up on their dreams. 

During his American Idol audition, Wade referred to his father as “the devil”; that’s how bad it was for him and his mom.  He was 5 years old when his father went to prison and had no clue of what was going on.  His mom eventually moved in with his stepdad and they started a new life.

“He abused us,” Cota says.  “He beat my mom.  He stole.  He beat the crap out of people all the time in front of us.  He was just mentally and physically abusive.”

“I grew up so, so poor after being abused,” he says.  “My sister moved out when she was 14.  My brother moved out at about the same age.  I was alone with my mom and my stepdad for a very long time.”

In spite of all that Wade stayed focused on his dreams and earned a chance to perform in front of millions on American Idol.  After all he had been through, this was his big chance to showcase his music, which helped him get through the bad times.  The long awaited opportunity was not wasted as Wade rose to the occasion with a knockout performance every time he hit the stage.  It was very inspiring when super star and American Idol judge Katy Perry told him,

“You’ve got one of the most unique voices I’ve ever heard in my life.” 

In April, he released a new single “Drivers Side” and an album entitled: “Big Feet Baby Steps” which debuted #20 on iTunes Top 100 Pop Chart.  To produce the album, he used his success on American Idol to launch a crowd-funding page.  Music is a business of exposure and by releasing seven songs of gritty alternative rock tracks he was one step closer to fulfilling his dreams.  As we desperately seek a remedy to COVID-19, one of Wade’s favorite songs on the album, is “Remedy,” an intensely emotional track of which he says,

“It’s almost like I wrote it to calm myself down, because my relationship was not going as well as I wanted.  The writing got me through a lot.”

In order to beat this Pandemic we must pursue every way possible to reduce the spread of the virus.  It’s a scary thing when 36 states have opened without meeting CDC guidelines.  While the rate of infections and death are declining in New York, they are on the rise around the rest of the country.  As a nation we are headed for self-destruction, so it is the goal of H-CAP with their Celebrity PSA series to alert young people of the dangers they face because some elected officials have put “Profit Before People.”  Yes, we have to re-open the economy, but if public safety is compromised due to bad planning, the price of human life and suffering is too high to pay. 

About 1700-2000 people die daily from COVID-19 and America ranks number one worldwide.  We are 5% of the world’s population, but have a third of COVID-19 deaths.  A vaccine will take 12-18 months if we are lucky.  The only way to safely re-open is with a comprehensive “Testing & Tracing” policy, which does not exist.  There are test kits on the market that don’t work so people are getting False Positive & Negative results.  It’s hard to believe but for some reason the CDC has never had a reliable test for COVID-19.  Could that be the problem?   

We recently learned patients who tested positive and were released from the hospital have been re-infected with the virus.  There are different strains of the virus in the U.S. and abroad.  Now we know, like the flu, you can get the virus again.  The truth is that we don’t know enough about this virus to say anything, so we need to take it slow and not play “Russian Roulette” with the lives of American citizens.  To show you how deadly COVID-19 is the virus can hang as droplets in the air up to 3 hours, up to 72 hours on plastic/steel, up to 24 hours on cardboard, and up to 4 hours on material like copper.

Recently 100 children, many of whom had the coronavirus, were hospitalized in NYS with a mysterious syndrome doctors don’t understand, but has also been reported in European countries.  There has been 5 deaths so far related to the new illness.  Many of the children, ages 1 to 21, have shown symptoms associated with toxic shock or Kawasaki disease, a rare illness in children that involves inflammation of the blood vessels, including coronary arteries.  Parents should be on alert, if your child has symptoms like the fever, rash, abdominal pain or vomiting call the doctor.  Six children have died of COVID-19 in NYC.  CDC director Robert Redfield warns there may be a deadlier “second wave” in the fall because the Flu and COVID-19 together may crash our hospital system. 

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Said Wade Cota, “I love my fans and also helping those in need, so I felt is was important to do my part to get rid of this virus through the power of awareness and education.  I have been through a lot of abuse in my short life, but nothing in comparison to what the world is experiencing today with a global Pandemic.  A lot of people are getting sick and dying from COVID-19, so we must come together to protect young citizens and seniors who need our help the most.”

Said Brad Patrick, CEO of the Phoenix Music Group & Records, “Wade Cota is an awesome talent and is on his way to the top.  He has been through so much that when it comes to helping others you don’t have to twist his arm.  He did not blink when I asked him to do the PSA, he knocked it out just like that.  This is the sign of a true superstar.  When you rally to the needs of the less fortunate, especially during times like this, you will be blessed with success and gain a lot of new fans as well.”

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Said Charles Fisher, founder of HHSYC, “Once again, I want to thank Brad Patrick of Phoenix Music Group and Phoenix Music Records for helping us secure Wade, and I definitely want to thank Wade for not flinching one second when we asked him to step up to the plate and hit a home run for the team.  I’m inspired by his life story and will surely share it with others going through tough times.  He is a real true life American Idol, not just on stage, but also for his commitment to “Social Responsibility”.  Through our COVID-19 Celebrity “Call To Action” PSA Series which uses the influence of the stars and their Social Media to “Unite in the Fight” against COVID-19, we continue to do our part to save lives.” 

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“I love American Idol and to get a busy, rising star like Wade Cota to do a few PSAs for us is a huge victory.  I am very appreciative for his support and the assistance of Brad Patrick.  It is my hope that other artists and executives will answer our “Call To Action” and help us enlighten young citizens about the dangers of COVID-19 so we can return to a “new” normal,” ended Randy Fisher, Executive Director, HHSYC.

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“I want to thank Wade Cota with his LIT new album and Brad Patrick for showing us some love.  It does not matter what type of music you are into when it comes to helping students and young adults understand the dangers of the virus.  I want to remind everyone that the best way to beat COVID-19 is through “Immune System Empowerment.”  We have a formula that will give you the power to beat COVID-19, just listen to the News, follow the Rules, Exercise, improve your Diet, Lifestyle Changes, and keep in touch with your Higher Power,” ended The “Fitness Sheriff”.

For additional information on Wade Cota or H-CAP you can contact Randy Fisher at: or

Written by Charles Fisher, edited by Randy Fisher.

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