The Book Will Discuss His Life Journey, Including Working With Microsoft, Bill Gates, And Some Of the Biggest Stars In The Music Industry Including: LL Cool J, Heavy D, the Lost Boyz And Mr. Cheeks, Pete Rock and CL Smooth, SWV, And Busta Rhymes To Name A Few

New York, NY, May 19, 2021—This year the Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council will be celebrating their 20th anniversary in July and our attorney and friend, Bruce Jackson, has stood by our side every step of the way.  With that being said we are proud to announce that Bruce has secured a Publishing deal with Atria Books.  We are truly looking forward to this long awaited memoir that will be an exciting read.  Bruce is a 5 Star attorney that has been blessed with success in 2 major industries; Music and Technology.  In 1999, Napster opened Pandora’s Box with their MP3 file sharing service.  The new venture brought piracy, chaos, and disarray to a sinking music industry.  The fight with Napster left technology companies thinking about their future with the music industry. 

Tech giant Microsoft wanted to make sure they were not left out of the loop so Bill Gates started to build a professional team that could guide Microsoft through the legal issues surrounding a new era of digital music.  During the company’s global search for the best talent, Bruce Jackson was made an offer he could not refuse.  During his tenure in the music business Bruce represented and worked with some of the biggest artists, executives, and record companies in the world.  Being the visionary that he is, Bruce saw a relationship with Microsoft as another opportunity to take his dreams to the next level, so the next thing you know he was on his way to Seattle to embark upon one of the most important challenges of his life; working with Bill Gates, who was the richest man in the world at that time, and Chairman/CEO of the largest technology company on earth.  Bruce joined the team in the year 2000 to help Microsoft remain strong and competitive as a technology giant. 

After 21 years with Microsoft it’s time for Bruce to tell his historic journey to the world.  He is a very talented man and Microsoft knew they picked a winner because seasoned executives in the prime of their life, who already own a successful brand, are hard to find.  Bruce has nothing but respect for the Microsoft team and the 2 are a perfect fit.

Bruce has always given back to those living in poor and disadvantaged communities, and has supported those looking to improve their life.  Our young people need to be inspired and Bruce’s sensational story of hard work and success will finally be told.  “Only a fool doesn’t learn from his own mistakes, but a wise person learns from the mistakes of others,” that’s why reading successful stories are so important.  Stay tuned for this powerful and enlightening book that we predict will not only be a New York Times Best Seller because of all the celebrities and high profile executives he has worked with in his life, but will land on the desk of Hollywood writers, directors and producers. 

For more info on the project and how you can get involved with Bruce, his book, as well as a host of activities he is involved with in the community hit us up at:  You can reach us on social media as well: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @hhsyc.

Written by Charles Fisher, edited by Randy Fisher for the Hip-Hop ‘Hood Report.

Microsoft Associate General Counsel Bruce Jackson to Publish Memoir with Atria Books

(NEW YORK) – April 29, 2021.  Atria Books announced today that it has acquired a memoir from Bruce Jackson, Microsoft’s Associate General Counsel and a former entertainment attorney, to be published in 2022.  Jackson, a native of pregentrified Crown Heights, Brooklyn, will share his remarkable life story of perseverance, his brushes with fame as an entertainment attorney, and share scenes from a life lived on both sides of America’s racial and economic chasms.  Jackson’s story serves as an inspirational journey from difficult circumstances to the very top of his profession, while also sharing stories from a life lived in conflict with the forces of institutional racism, social inequity, and a criminal justice system run amok that America has only recently begun to recognize as unbalanced. 

Jackson currently supports Microsoft’s US sales strategy for driving digital transformation across customers and partners within regulated industries – including education, financial services, government and health and life sciences.  Jackson started with Microsoft in 2000 as corporate counsel for the digital media division and has been a member of Microsoft’s Corporate External and Legal Affairs (CELA) diversity committee since 2001. Prior to joining Microsoft he founded Jackson, Brown, Powell and St. George, the largest African-American law firm that exclusively practiced entertainment law, where he represented talents like LL Cool J, Heavy D, and Pete Rock and CL Smooth, SWV and Busta Rhymes.

Editor Nicholas Ciani says, “I could not take my mind off Bruce’s story of ‘making it’ as a Black man in America.  We don’t hear enough stories like this about lives and careers that are grounded in the realities that 99.9% of African Americans face every day.  I saw my own life reflected in his, and I know readers across the country will feel the same way.” 

“My story is one of inspiration, ambition, determination, and sacrifice,” says Jackson. “It is my goal to strengthen bridges, evoke empathy, and encourage reflection on the fine line between the privileged and the less fortunate. Through my experience, I will shine light on my personal struggles, and misfortune. I will share how I have overcome them and triumphantly soar.  I have opened the most vulnerable corners of my life to affect change.  You will be left thinking and reflecting on your purpose in making this multicultural, yet economically divided society a place for all to participate with dignity and equality.”

As Associate General Counsel for US Regulated Industries, Bruce Jackson, supports the company’s sales strategy for driving digital transformation across customers and partners within regulated industries – including education, financial services, government, and health & life sciences. He manages a diverse team of legal professionals and supports a $15B portfolio, that deliver revenue and growth for Microsoft products and services.  Jackson started with Microsoft in 2000 as corporate counsel for the digital media division. Prior to Microsoft, Jackson founded the entertainment law firm of Jackson, Brown, Powell, and St. George where he represented music stars like LL Cool J, Heavy D, Pete Rock and CL Smooth, SWV and Busta Rhymes.  Jackson is a board member at the National Association of Women and Minority owned law firms. Jackson earned a B.B.A. in public accounting from Hofstra University; a J.D. and L.L.M. in Taxation from Georgetown University Law Center.

World rights were acquired by Editor Nicholas Ciani from Frank Weimann at Folio Literary Management in conjunction with Dan Pearson at Dan4 Entertainment.  


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