Fat Joe and HHSYC

New York, NY – June 20, 2021—The Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council and the Hip-Hop Against Gun & Gang Violence Project celebrated their 10th anniversary for the Hip-Hop Against Gun & Gang Violence Week campaign (5/21-5/27), with Power 105.1, 105 Days of Summer, “The People’s Shark” Daymond John and Stiff Jab To The Face.  The week was a phenomenal success, as we officially launched the groundbreaking “Guns Down Knuckle Up” Campaign to address the rise of Gun & Gang Violence with a host of “Community Minded Stars”, Elected officials and Executives including: Fat Joe; Dave East; Chuck D, Public Enemy; Parrish, EPMD; Vinnie, Naughty By Nature; NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio; Uncle Ralph, Video Music Box; Bruce Jackson, Associate General Counsel, Microsoft; Carl Heastie, Speaker, NYS Assembly; and Ruben Diaz Jr., Bronx Borough President.

Dave East and The “Fitness Sheriff”

There are 33,000 gangs in America representing 1.4 million members who commit 48% of all violent crime.  Suicide is associated with Mental Illness and is the 2nd leading cause of death for youth 10-24 years of age and rising amongst Blacks and People of color.  Early data tells us that Murders and Gun shootings are shockingly up over last year, so just imagine the bloodshed that will flow through our streets when states open up 24/7.  To improve public safety “We The People” must partner with the “Private Sector” because our government is now divided more than ever since the January 6, 2021 insurrection at the White House.

Chuck D (Public Enemy) and HHSYC

The two major parties continue to be at war with no light for unity and/or compromise at the end of the tunnel as America faces “A Democracy Crisis.”  We need new strategies and additional resources to address the crime, suicide, homicide and mass shootings, which are the new norm that threaten the future of our children, youth and young adults.  Poverty, Illiteracy, Mental & Spiritual Illness are the “Root Causes” behind a host of social problems that we can’t solve using the government’s 20th century approach in the 21st century.

Fat Joe and The “Fitness Sheriff”

As the Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council approaches its 20th anniversary on July 1, 2021, we will officially roll out all facets of our Hip-Hop, Mental & Spiritual Health Campaign because Mental & Spiritual illness are topics that must be discussed.  America must be made aware of the consequences for failing to address both issues because without a solid plan of action crime and violence will only get worse.  We must recognize that Mass Shootings, Suicide, and Gun and Gang Violence continue to be symptoms of a bigger disease plaguing our nation.

The “Fitness Sheriff” and Parrish of EPMD
Parrish and Randy Fisher

Poor and middle class citizens must put their differences aside to fight the real enemy—hate, violence, racism, classism, sexism, and dissemination.  We can never move forward until we have a meaningful conversation that addresses Reparations and Criminal Justice Reform, which are key to America’s goal of “Building Back Better.”  The Department of Corrections is supposed to “Correct” and Rehabilitate those who enter the system, but nearly two-thirds released return again. 

The “Fitness Sheriff” and Bruce Jackson, Associate General Counsel, Microsoft

Some say being incarcerated in America is the equivalent of going off to war in Afghanistan, Iraq or Viet Nam.  The abuse and life threatening situations that occur behind bars would shock the average citizen.  The HBO hit TV show “OZ” provides a shocking peak of the realities of prison life.  When soldiers return from battle some suffer from PDSD (Post Dramatic Stress Disorder).  They are offered Mental Health and Spiritual support to cope with the “Horrors of War.”  For our incarcerated men and women mandatory healthcare services should be a required part of their release agreement.   Participants will have to visit their parole or probation officer, as well as a “Therapist”, social worker, and other professionals who collectively will make recommendations to help with a successful reentry.

Vinnie from Naughty By Nature and HHSYC

Our failing “Prison Industrial Complex”, which is influenced and centered around the 13th Amendment, is costing taxpayers billions of dollars.  As “Stakeholders” in our government we should ask why are we funding an agency with such an enormous failure rate?  Does America have money to burn?  Are taxpayers so naive they can’t see that our draconian and barbaric prison system is responsible for a lot of the crime and violence in this country?  

Ralph McDaniels, Video Music Box and
The “Fitness Sheriff”

After centuries of incompetence by the Department of Corrections the only explanation that makes any sense is maybe the system is working perfectly after all, because a lot of money is being made from a Criminal Justice System that has stacked the deck against the poor and disadvantaged.  As a nation we are headed for Self-destruction, as the groundbreaking 1989 hit song will tell you, and its up to “We The People” to use the influence of Social Media and our “Buying Power” to partner with corporate America to make this a safer and better nation.  A failing and unstable democracy, laced with a rise in murder, mayhem, crime, violence, protesting, rioting and looting can’t be good for the “Bottom Line” of any company or our nation, so working together is a Win/Win for us all.

NYS Assemblymember Heastie

Stay tuned as more celebrities, elected officials and corporations join our efforts to address “Gun & Gang Violence, and a host of other social ills, as we slowly return to a Covid-19 Free world and celebrate Gun Violence Awareness Month in June.

In recognition of both our 10th and 20th anniversary we will be coordinating a host of events over the next 14 months throughout NYCHA, schools, parks and the surrounding community. This definitely includes Power 105.1’s annual electrifying Powerhouse concert, featuring some of biggest stars in Hip-Hop and R&B.  You can bet that because of last year’s Covid-19 cancellation this year’s event will be very special.  If you are a member of the Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council, listen to Power 105.1 or attend our 105 Days of Summer events, you will have an opportunity to be with us at Powerhouse 2021.

Bronx Boro President Diaz and HHSYC

“ I am looking forward to working with all our supporters so we can make this a very special year.  A lot has transpired over the last 15 months as most of us have been shut down by Covid-19.  Now that many states have reopened we continue our efforts to end Gun & Gang Violence, as well as all the Root Causes that we have identified in this report that must be addressed to improve Public Safety in the U.S. and abroad” ended Randy Fisher, Executive Director, Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and HHSYC

“With gun homicides, suicides, and shootings on the rise and out of control our focus must be on the “Guns Down Knuckle Up” Campaign so we need your support. Its time to add new tools in the fight to reduce the number of people dying by guns every year.  We must improve upon existing programs, while looking for new ideas to help make this a safer nation.  We can not count on the government to do anything significant about gun violence.  Only the private sector and “We The People” can get the job done” ended The “Fitness Sheriff”, Program Director, Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council.

Written by Charles Fisher, edited by Randy Fisher for the Hip-Hop ‘Hood Report.  For additional information on how you can join the team hit us up at: Randykfisher@gmail.com, or follow the movement on: Twitter; IG; & Facebook: @HHSYC.

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