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Through This Unique Private/Public Partnership Schools Will Be Adopted By Fortune One-Thousand Companies, Celebrities, Professional Athletes, Executives, Elected Officials, And Small Businesses Who Will Help Them Fulfill Their Mission And Goals

Programs That Address: Financial Literacy; Mental Health; Gun & Gang Violence; Healthcare; Academic Failure; Entrepreneurship; Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Will Be Offered To Better Prepare Students For Graduation And The Real World

New York, NY, July 20, 2023 — In our ongoing effort to provide Schools and Students with the resources to graduate and become successful law-abiding citizens, the Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council, with support from The People’s Shark” Daymond John and Power 105.1 has launched the Hip-Hop Adopt-A-School project (HAAS).  The purpose of the initiative is to use the power, wealth and influence of Fortune One-Thousand companies, as well as Celebrities, Executives, Professional Athletes, Small Businesses, and Elected Officials to partner with schools, especially those in poor and disadvantaged communities, and help them meet their academic and economic needs.  With school enrollment down and budget cuts always a reality, principals will have to find a way to do more with less, and find new revenue to provide a quality education.  Communities of color are always in need of additional funding to improve the grades of poor performing students for afterschool programs, special projects, and school safety. 

To address this economic problem “Big Business” is the best solution and they have plenty of revenue to help.  HAAS was created to find “Socially Responsible” companies and individuals who want to help us bridge the Achievement Gap that tears us apart.  This is how we make America a better and more competitive nation. By analyzing the data we can look at how socioeconomic inequality affects poor and young people of color the most.  The “Racial Wealth and Achievement Gap” in America is real, because the statistics tell us “the poor get poorer, and the rich get richer.”

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It’s no secret that communities of color need more resources to be competitive and the best way to close the “Racial Wealth and Achievement Gap” is to address the root causes, in which poverty and academic failure continue to play a key role.  By partnering with corporate America, Celebrities, Professional Athletes, Elected Officials, and Small Businesses we can better prepare the next generation, who in turn will “Build a Bigger, Better and Safer America.”  Companies with strong “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion” programs will play a key role towards building the right bridges for student success and community empowerment.

“If our government is short on resources we have to reach out to the private sector for help and that is just what this project will do because the academic failure of our children is too costly and not an option any longer,” stated Charles Fisher, Founder, Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council.

Continued Fisher, “Academic failure leads to welfare, low paying jobs and a life of crime costing taxpayers billions every year.  It’s much cheaper to educate as opposed to incarcerate so it’s in the public’s best interest to make sure that we use education as a platform to improve public safety and help students succeed in life.”

NYC Mayor Eric Adams and School Chancellor David Banks

“The stimulus dollars will not last forever, if you had a school that had 800 students and they were funded for 800 students and now the school has 400 students the school doesn’t get the same budget.  We’re going to do everything we can to try to keep the schools as whole as possible while they continue to fight the good fight of getting kids to come back to the schools,” ended Chancellor David Banks, NYC DOE.

“The physical, mental and spiritual health of students is very important for their growth and development and with budget cuts looming we must get creative and find a way to make sure students stay focused on living a quality life because their “Health is their Wealth,” ended The “Fitness Sheriff”, Program Director, Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council.

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Through this initiative we have created a WIN/WIN for all parties because the private sector will surely benefit from the success and safety of students, their family, and friends who are consistently buying their products, services, and supporting their brand,” ended Randy Fisher, Executive Director, Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council.

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“Teaching Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship to elementary school students at a young age will change America and the world forever and that’s the mission I’m on.  By ending poverty and hopelessness people will wake up every day with a sense of purpose and pride.  Helping students and young adults succeed is the best way to reduce crime and gun violence in America,” stated “The People’s Shark” Daymond John.

Last year principals and parents were alarmed to discover that hundreds of millions of dollars had been cut from school’s budgets, forcing administrators to slash arts and after-school programs. 

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The level of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at a company can have a deep impact on their efforts to grow, expand their client base, building strong community relations, and finding the best employees.  Consumers rally behind companies who are socially responsible, have ethical and moral character, and who understand how being fair and inclusive can determine their financial growth and success.

For further info on the initiative contact us at the number above, visit us at: or; social media: IG, Twitter, or Facebook @hhsyc.

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